2017 Hemophilia Walk!                  

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Join us for the 2017 Hemophilia Walk on Saturday, September 16th in Lincoln Park! 

Register, Fundraise, and Donate at bit.ly/ChicagoHemophiliaWalk2017 


What is the Hemophilia Walk?

The Hemophilia Walk is a yearly fundraiser to help raise funds, as well as awareness, to benefit the bleeding disorders community.  The Hemophilia Walk is a program with the National Hemophilia Federation and this is the 8th year we are holding an Illinois Hemophilia Walk.  The goal of this event is for community members to reach out to their friends and family and educate them on bleeding disorders, while inviting them to walk with them on September 16th. And, while every step helps to raise awareness, every dollar helps us to continue providing resources to the bleeding disorders community such as educational programs; peer groups, financial assistance; and our camp for kids, Camp Warren Jyrch.

After all of your hard work fundraising before the Walk, we want you to see the day of the Walk as a celebration for all of your efforts.  There will be breakfast, music, a photo booth, bouncy house, and more for you to enjoy before and after the 5K or 2K Walk Courses.  Teams can gather together for a day of fun and show off their creative Walk t-shirts as well! 

Here is a handy WALK BROCHURE you can pass out to family and friends!


How to Get Involved

First, what is a Team Captain?  Who should be your Team Captain?  Find out HERE!  Also keep in mind that teams can be two people or two hundred, so there is no team too big or too small!


Registration Tips

You can register now at bit.ly/ChicagoHemophiliaWalk2017 

Need help registering? Check out our Instructional Videos Here or call Adam at 312-427-1495 with any questions about navigating the walk website.

Not sure whether to register as a Team Captain, Team Member, or Donor?  The following flyer defines the difference between being a Team Captain, Team Member, and Donor, and how each goes about participating on the website. Registration and Fundraising Guide


Fundraising Resources 

- One good way to seek out donations from friends and family is through letters or emails.  Click to learn Tips for Writing a Fundraising Letter

- You can also share these letters online and increase your fundraising using social media!  With the help of social media fundraising can be easier than ever, so click here for some Social Media Tips to learn more about collecting donations using Facebook, Twitter, email, and more!

- Here is a hand out that you can fill out and pass out to spread the word! Donation Handout  



Things to Know for the Day of the Walk:

The Walk is almost here, so make sure you are prepared!  


The Walk is held at 1746 N. Stockton Drive, Chicago, IL, which is the South Fields in Lincoln Park, (the same location as last year). Here is a MAP of where to go

There is street parking around Lincoln Park, but it is limited, so here are some other Parking Options

Here is a Schedule of the Walk on Saturday


Walk T-shirts:

Team T-shirts:

Team t-shirts are optional, but a great way to show team unity on the day of the walk and entice friends and families to join your team.  Team t-shirts can be ordered wherever you want, but BDAI offers you the opportunity to order t-shirts through us, with prices ranging from $10 to free based on team fundraising.  So, high fundraising teams are eligible for free team t-shirts! 

Here is your order form for TEAM T-Shirts!

NHF Hemophilia Walk T-shirts:

These are different than Team T-shirts.  These shirts include the Walk Logo on the front and are awarded to all fundraisers who have raised at least $25 to their personal fundraising page.  
BDAI does not charge a registration fee for walkers, but this event is first and foremost a fundraiser for us to raise money so that we can continue to provide programs to the community throughout the year. So, instead of a registration fee, we highly encourage people donate or fundraise $25 in their name to receive a Walk t-shirt.  So, be sure to collect donations to your personal fundraising page!



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