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Bob Robinson

Executive Director 

I was introduced to the bleeding disorders community back in the early 90’s when I was developing a camp for families impacted by HIV.  I was shocked to learn about how many people with hemophilia were infected by this horrible virus.  I vowed to do what I could to help.  I stay committed to this wonderful community offering my nearly 40 year background in not-for-profit management and fundraising to move our programs and services forward.         


Lily Schwartz

Associate Director

I joined this organization in 1991 - when it was known as the Hemophilia Foundation for Illinois.  A life time later - I am still personally vested in this strong, amazing community.  As Associate Director, I am proud to be involved in nearly every aspect of BDAI - including Camp Director of Camp Warren Jyrch.  One of my greatest joys is being able to watch this community, both adults and children, grow and thrive with each new advancement in care and treatment.  Can't wait for what comes next.


Bea Carr

Financial Director

I became aware of BDAI when my first grandson was born 15 years ago and was diagnosed with Hemophilia A.  Although the family was well aware of this disorder, BDAI was, and continues to be, a huge resource and comfort for us as we learn more and advocate for those with bleeding disorders.  Today we have an informed and very active teen in our midst that manages the challenges that go along with hemophilia and lives a very productive and normal life.

I assumed my role as Financial Director when I sold my small business (Doc Prep, Inc.) several years ago.  As sole proprietor of that company, I gained the business experience necessary to serve BDAI well with fiscal responsibility while also championing the important mission of our organization.


Adam Hii

Program Coordinator

Hello! My name is Adam Hii and I am BDAI’s Program Coordinator. I help put on all of our educational events, such as educational dinners, Blood Brotherhood Events, and Statewide. Additionally I manage our consumer services such as MedicAlert, the Bradley Kruger Scholarship and financial assistance requests. While BDAI has been my first exposure to the bleeding disorders community, I do have a background as a health educator from my time in the Peace Corps teaching on HIV prevention. If you ever have any questions about programs BDAI is putting on our resources available please reach out and let me know!   


Jessica Head

Communications Consultant 


Board of Directors


Daniel Contreras

Board President

Even though my wife Martha and I were raising two boys with hemophilia, we were not aware that BDAI existed to support families with bleeding disorders, like ours.  Thankfully, this all changed in 2013!  Having now experienced the summer camps, the galas, the advocacy trips, golf and walk events (and more!), I feel privileged to have seen first hand the commitment and passion from the staff, the board, our partners and the entire BDAI community to support individuals and families. I'm very excited about the opportunity to help build on decades of outstanding support to those impacted by bleeding disorders in Illinois.


Marianne Kelly

Board Vice President 
Project Manager - Cook County Sheriff’s Office of Mental Health Policy and Advocacy

As a member of a family affected by Hemophilia, I have spent my life concerned about the health and welfare of those diagnosed with bleeding disorders. I learned at a very young age, that when a rare medical condition affects an individual, providing education, advocacy and a sense of community is crucial. My goal as a board member is to support BDAI in these pursuits. As the third member of my family to serve on the board of directors, I am proud to carry on this family tradition and invest my time and resources in this wonderful community. As an employee of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, I advocate for the rights of all persons in my care and I am passionate about helping and healing the overlooked and most venerable among us. I have committed my life to clinical work and continuing education in the field of psychology and the treatment of clients with mental health, substance abuse, and offender behaviors. In addition to BDAI, I have served on several event planning committees to support individuals diagnosed with cancer, and I annually fundraise for the MS Society and the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.  


Daniel Ciolino

Board Treasurer
AVP-Branch Management, Wintrust Bank – Chicago

Serving my community and bringing awareness to groups like BDAI are very important ideals to me. I am proud to be a current member of the Board of Directors for the Gladstone Park Chamber of Commerce and was previously a Director for the Edgebrook Chamber of Commerce. I also have volunteered for and support the YWCA Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate, the Paint Edgebrook Pink campaign, Misericordia Candy Days, and various other activities and causes.

Now, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Treasurer for BDAI, where I hope to help educate others and broaden awareness for our very special community and cause, and to secure and establish new support for our organization. I can be reached via e-mail to dciolino@wintrust.com.


Paul Lee

Board Secretary
Business Analyst, Red Chalk Group

With the majority of my non-profit experience being on the staff side for music and youth recreation programs, I first encountered the BDAI organization while vetting through the non-profit board applications in hope of gaining more organizational experience. As a member with relatively little exposure to bleeding disorder education, I would place myself parallel in terms of knowledge to families new to the BDAI community and hope to contextualize my unfamiliarity towards any insight to the board. I can be reached at plee@redchalk.com.


Margo Schwartz Newton

Board Member
IIT Institute of Design

Margo Schwartz-Newton is honored and thrilled to be on the board of BDAI, where she looks forward to serving the bleeding disorders community—families and individuals who have generously helped her family learn how to navigate life with a bleeding disorder.  Her goal is to reach families not currently in the BDAI community and help them learn about the plethora of resources available.

After completing a degree in sociology, Margo pursued studies in piano performance and earned a master’s degree in collaborative piano from the Cleveland Institute of Music.  She is the pianist for Kol Zimrah Jewish Community Singers and Congregation BJBE as well as a freelance pianist and coach.  Former artistic administrator with The Chicago Chamber Musicians, her current day job at IIT Institute of Design supports her musical habits.  

Margo thoroughly enjoys the company of her extraordinarily supportive husband, Joel, and playing and singing with her ridiculously sweet little boy, Oliver.


Nichelle Stigger

Board Member
Masters in Education, Columbia College - Chicago, IL

Nichelle recently completed her Masters in Education and is currently a stay at home mother in Oak Park with her husband and 2 year old son.  Nichelle is embarking on a Social Justice Movement on race and diversity in her community.  As a daughter to a father with Severe Hemophilia A and now a son, she's always known that she would be a part of the bleeding disorders community.  Her goal is to be sure that new and existing families have current information regarding bleeding disorders and to be an advocate for new families during their bleeding disorders journey.  As an educator and advocate for social justice, she is honored to be able to support the community and use her skills where they are most needed.


Mike Towner

Board Member
Technical Resource, PPTG | Honeywell LLC - Chicago, IL

Mike and Ramona are twenty five year residents of Brookfield, where they are raising their two boys Patrick and Matthew.  Patrick attends Western Illinois University and Matthew is a Junior at RB.  Mike has worked 34 years at UOP/Honeywell as a petro-chemical research technical resource.  He has experience working with a variety of people from operation personnel to the VP of Research.  Mike has been a team leader for production and safety teams in his position.  Mike has eight years of experience as a village trustee as well.  Mike, as trustee, has been the liaison for the Department of Public Works, Finance, Playground and Recreation, Planning, Zoning Board of Appeals, Special Events, and Administration.

As a BDAI community member, Mike has been an active participant in education programs.  Mike enjoys advocating for the Bleeding Disorders Alliance IL community and has attended several of our legislative drives down to speak with our state legislators. 


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